Item 10 - Always override toString

From Effective Java 2/e by Joshua Bloch

  • providing a good toString implementation makes your class much more pleasant to use
  • When practical, the toString method should return all of the interesting information contained in the object
  • Whether or not you decide to specify the format, you should clearly document your intentions
    * Returns the string representation of this phone number.
    * The string consists of fourteen characters whose format
    * is "(XXX) YYY-ZZZZ", where XXX is the area code, YYY is
    * the prefix, and ZZZZ is the line number.  (Each of the
    * capital letters represents a single decimal digit.)
    * If any of the three parts of this phone number is too small
    * to fill up its field, the field is padded with leading zeros.
    * For example, if the value of the line number is 123, the last * four characters of the string representation will be "0123". *
    * Note that there is a single space separating the closing
    * parenthesis after the area code from the first digit of the * prefix.
   @Override public String toString() {
       return String.format("(%03d) %03d-%04d",
                            areaCode, prefix, lineNumber);
  • provide programmatic access to all of the information contained in the value returned by toString

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