BTTENDANCE is a smart teaching assistant service. It provides 3 main features: automatic attendance checking, audience response and delicate notification system. I developed back-end server, Android application, iOS application and homepage and designed user experience for BTTENDANCE.


How did I get started?

Sanghoon and I first met at Computer Organization course as teammate. He had many brilliant ideas including attendance checking system using Bluetooth, which I was extremely interested in. He and I made a promise to develop this technology one day. And my moving to near his studio triggered this project to get started. We found two more founder Taekwon and Heehwan. Taekwon helped us with design and Heehwan helped us with marketing and business plans. We launched first version of BTTENDANCE, and thankfully two professor of our university used our first app.


2013.11 ~ 2015.01


  • Leonardo Taehwan Kim
    CEO, Server Development, Android App Development, iOS App Development, UX Design
  • Heehwan Park
    COO, Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Business Development, Project Managing
  • Devin Doolin
    Web Development
  • Suhyang Hyun
    UI Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Design
  • Min Kim
    UX Design, UI Design, Graphic Design
  • Sanghoon Son
    iOS App Development
  • Taekwon Nam
    UX Design, UI Design, Graphic Design

Integrated Open Sources