Music Off

Music Off is developed into both Android and iOS applications, which help people to turn their musics off while they are sleeping. Simply, it is a timer for music with automatic sleep checking algorithm. I designed user experience and developed Android and iOS applications for Music Off.


How did I get started?

It was freezing. I could hardly go outside. I've never experienced cold winter before. It was 2010 and everything started from there. All of a sudden, I came across with this simple thought that I should learn to code. I could surely code in many languages such as C or JAVA, but I wanted to code real things not like some random projects from courses I took at school. So I decided to attend a private institution and learn how to make iOS applications. There was a conflict with my schedule and so, I learned how to code for Android instead. There were two course for Android. One was for beginners and the other for experts. Each course lasted for one month. While I was taking these courses, I had this little idea to make a timer application that can turn off music before I go to sleep. I had many more ideas but I chose the simplest one that I handle. I made my first draft of the features and I wanted to add some more. I wanted a proper design, user experience, and some more cool features. So I asked my dad for money support and to hire a designer for me. As I can remember, he invested $400 into my project, which was a lot for me at that time. It was almost a month of my living expenses. Moreover, he supported me to attend the private institution. It cost about $500 per month altogether. Everything was new for me. I didn't know how to find a designer, good user experience and the exact meaning behind a user. At that time, there was no guidelines for designing Android applications. After I searched endlessly through Naver and Google for a designer, I found an interesting blog and send an email about building an Android application together. Luckily, she was positive about the suggestion.

My contribution

I've been participated this project as an owner, Android app developer, iOS app developer, user experience designer and marketer.


100% of Android and 90% of iOS app had been implemented by me.


I designed all of the user experience. Usually I sketch them on UX sketchbook.


La and I conducted marketing in various ways. We posted blog about the app in English, Korean and Japanese. We reached some influential blogger and asked them to write a blogpost about the app. I paid little money for each post. We reached influential website which introduce new release apps in Japan. Some of them made cartoon about Music Off. Matthew and I conducted SNS marketing. We made Facebook Page. I spent some money for advertisement. We made some post about recommended music before you get to sleep. I participated all of the marketing because I was the only one who understand the app and user 100%.

More about Music Off


There was 3 big huge updates of music off: Adding lots of features, adding proper business model and adding analyzing system.


Total download of Music Off application is reaching 4 million.

Music Off has been featured in Google Play many times. It has been featured Naver which is Korean Yahoo. It has been featured Nate It had been introduced in Arirang TV which is international broadcast in Korea. Probably many more website or application which introduce other applications.


2011.01 ~ Present



  • Leonardo Taehwan Kim
    Owner, Android App Development, iOS App Development, UX Design, Marketing
  • Jaehoon Lee
    iOS development

  • Namhee Park
    UI Design
  • Gyeol Han
    UI Design
  • Min Kim
    Ui Design

  • La Lee
  • Matthew Lee

  • Andrew Younghwan Kim
    English Transation
  • Dongjea Shin
    Japanese Transation
  • Jihoon Lyuh
    Japanese Transation
  • Don Shin
    Chinese Transation

  • Sangrok Kim

Integrated Open Sources