Vingle is an interest based social network service and it has similar features to those of Pinterest, which allow you to signup, to fetch feeds, to like or save the posts. Chansuk and I developed the Android application for Vingle from the back-end by handling network to the front-end by implementing customized graphic user interface.


Below screenshots are screenshots of recent version (3.3.6) Vingle Android application. I've participated to implement version upto which were released June 2013.

How did I get started

During my military service in Korea, I had time to build my own apps. As a result, I launched two apps called “Music Off” and “MusiCon.” However, after I came back from my military service, I had no time to build my own app since I had to work at home.School works got boring so I wrote "I want to do something creative and different" on the Facebook. Taehoon, the CEO of Watcha, one of the most popular startups in Korea, saw my post on the Facebook and asked me to have a dinner with him. He suggested me to submit a resume for his company. After I came back from the dinner I submitted my resume to the other startup company called Vingle because the company looks a bit more professional and the CEO and COO already had experience in building up successful startup called Viki. Vingle accepted my resume so I started working for them right after Christmas.
I think I'm kind of person who wants to decide my life for myself. I felt really sorry for Taehoon after.


2012.12 ~ 2013.06


  • Chansuk Yang
    Android App Development, Project Managing
  • Leonardo Taehwan Kim
    Android App Development

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